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ELEGANT RUSTIC Budget-Priced CAST STONE address plaques, garden signs, house & garden markers

IMPROVE the VALUE and Beauty of your HOME with Elegant CAST STONE Address Signs, Markers & Plaques.

Special Note for Homeowners, Realtors, Developers, Architects: Beautify your home with the CLASSIC, ELEGANT & RUSTIC nature of our homemade CAST STONE house signs and plaques.

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Key Features and Benefits of the MiniARTS Signs

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Download your Free Color Harmony Self Test

Is this Elegant House Sign right for you? People ask us what kind of people invest in a MiniARTS sign? Our own survey tells us people with a good balance of beauty and value prefer the superior MiniARTS product. Find out for yourself by taking a one (1) minute test. It will convince you of the excellent purchase you are making. Click here to download our personality test. The test is a very small file (42Kb), VIRUS-FREE and requires about less than one (1) minute to download. Try it, you'll be pleased.

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Classic, Elegant, Distinguished Cast Stone Signs and Plaques for your HOME & GARDEN

Durable, Weatherproof, Permanent

Custom made using high strength CAST STONE

Further info:

Individually custom-made, this no-rust house marker uses high strength CAST STONE to create a finish that stands up to the elements. Personalized house marker with five (5) 2 1/2 in. numbers on the first line and up to seventeen (17) letters and spaces on the second line.

Marker Size 9 1/4 x 15 3/4 inches. This wall marker attaches directly to your house. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. We also have a Yard Sign kit that allows you to plant the sign in the ground using two (2) 18 inch stakes

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The MiniARTS Story

In August of 1997, the founders of MiniARTS decided it was time for a product that outperformed existing wooden and metal plaques and signs.
The wood signs are excellent. However, it doesn't take long before moisture seeps in and swelling, cracking, and deterioration take place.
Aluminum and brass signs are also very good. However, in an effort to stay competitive while complying with environmental laws, the metal sign makers have had to reduce the thickness of the metal. This results in a low contrast sign that, in many cases, is difficult to read from a distance. In some cases, the thin metal signs do not convey the image and balance of strength, beauty and elegance that we wish to convey to our friends and family.
The MiniARTS signs address the issues/deficiencies stated above by providing a solid, manufactured stone product. A highly noticeable, easy to read, contrast is achieved with the use of strong three dimensional (3D) relief. At last, we have found a very affordable, high quality product that conveys the right image.

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Eight Good Reasons for investing in our House Signs and Plaques

1. Elegance:

The sign is unique, distinctive, solid & robust. The beauty of our signs starts with the details. The numbers and letters in our signs are raised 1/4 of an inch from the surface. The 3D (3 dimensional) effect is unique in the industry. No other manufacturer gets close to this level of beauty and ruggedness.[Go to the TOP]

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2. Pride:

This luxury house sign will show the pride for your home. Your home's look and feel are a reflection of your family. A key point to remember is that the value of the sign is not in what it says; it is all about what it says about you.

3. Long life:

Our house signs and markers are manufactured using manufactured stone. Our manufacturing process uses manufactured stone, high tech additives to create a superior product. By improving upon time tested manufacturing techniques, our product outperforms competition in endurance, longevity and value. They won't rust because they're NOT METAL. They won't rot because they are NOT WOOD. Our signs won't show signs of rust, fatigue and fading after the winter/summer cycle. Our signs will outlast your home.

4. Safety:

Most city ordinance requires your home be clearly marked to help Law Enforcement and the Fire Department in case of emergency. A well marked, highly visible house sign is a must for all of us thinking about safety. A good house sign makes it easier for the mail and package deliveries to find you. It also helps out-of-town family and friends find our home during the holidays.

5. Value:

Your investment in an elegant, well made, and durable house sign will increase the resale value of your home. It attracts attention and admiration of friends and family. Our prices are very competitive. Our unique low-cost manufacturing process and the fact we are using the Internet make it possible to offer you savings of over 50% over our competition. Please compare our prices: you'll be pleased.

6. Easy to Install:

The house sign attaches to any surface using the hardware provided. If you request the yard marker kit, you will be able to plant the sign in the ground using 18 inch STEEL stakes provided.

7. Easy to Order:

It's so easy to order. Simply click below to go to our secure PAYPAL online order form. Remember, PAYPAL information is encrypted to ensure maximum safety and security.

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8. Our 30 day money back Guarantee:

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our RUSTIC CAST STONE product, we will gladly refund you your money upon return of the product to MiniARTS. There is no refund on Freight.

Fine, you say. But, what do people have to say about MiniARTS signs ?


Testimonials [Go to the TOP]
"Order received and mounted in place...looks great! Thanks so much." C.J. M. L. - (Pixley, CA)

"My husband purchased a lawn sign for me for Christmas. I love the sign, it is exactly what I wanted..." B.W. - (Sterwartsville, NJ)

"Yes it arrived on Friday 6-1 and it looks great, already in my yard. Will pass your name on to some friends.Thank YOU." M.A. East Meadow, NY

"I love the sign. It was delivered quickly and in good shape. All I can say is, keep doing what you are doing! You have a great product and service" D.W.- (Texas)

"I am pleased with the quality of our sign and the service that we received" J.B - (Virginia)

"I am very happy with your product" R.B. - (New York)


Please review the results of our own recent survey of homeowners :

How much more will your home benefit from Elegant House Signs and Plaques?
The answer: 10 out of 10 homes improve their value by increasing and enhancing its external beauty.

How much more will the external appearance and value of your home increase ?
The answer: It varies. Many factors increase the value of your home. What is clear is that 9 out of 10 homes improve their value with good signage. Talk to your real estate realtor and she'll confirm this.

How much better will you feel each day when you see your home looking nicer with your new Mailbox and House Signs?
The answer: 100% of homeowners feel increased satisfaction from seeing the appearance and value of their home increase over time.

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Further info:

Individually custom-made, this no-rust house marker uses ultra-high strength manufactured stone to create a finish that stands up to the elements. In your choice of different Background Colors with gold finished raised numbers and letters. Personalized house marker with five (5) 2 1/2 in. numbers on the first line and up to seventeen (17) 1 1/2 inch letters on the second line.

Marker Size 9 1/4 x 15 3/4 inches. This wall marker attaches directly to your house. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. We also have a yard sign kit that allows you to plant the sign in the ground using the two (2) STEEL 18 inch stakes (included)

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Still undecided?

If you are still undecided, please bookmark this web site. You like the product. You like the price. But you still want to think about it. This is O.K... Please think about the excellent quality AND our money back guarantee. The time to place your order is now. We are looking forward to your order. PAYPAL gladly accepted!

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